Taner Türker - Violoncello

Konzertcellist, Barockcellist, Pädagoge, Komponist


op.1 „Wunschloses Unglück“
for violoncello solo (1995) - Stage music composed after Peter Handke

op.2 „Anatolisch“
for violoncello und piano
or for violin, violoncello and piano (2005)

op.3 „Orientalisch“
for four celli und drums (2006)

op.4 „Miniatur Istanbul“
for two celli und piano or for violin, cello and piano (2010)
op.5 "Sinbad"
for viola and piano (2011)
op. 6 "Sefa"
for flute, violin, violoncello and cembalo (2012)
composed for the Barockfestival of St. Pölten 2012 
op. 7 "Tango Istanbul"
for violoncello and piano (2012)

op.8 "Üsküdar"

for two violins, two celli, double bass and piano (2012)

op.9 "The true story of Ah Q"

Music dramatic composition for Violoncello solo (2013) - by Lu Xun
op.10 "Two Dialogues"
for Violoncello solo (2014)
op.11 "Tango Iskenderun"
for Violoncello and Piano (2014)


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