Taner Türker - Violoncello

Konzertcellist, Barockcellist, Pädagoge, Komponist


Taner Türker, Violoncello

was born in Turkey. He began to study the cello at the age of 12 at the Ankara State Conservatory, which was founded by Paul Hindemith in the year 1936. On a scholarship he continued studying the cello at the Lyon Academy of Music (France) with Prof. Patrick Gabard. After that he finshed his studies with Prof. Ali Dogan at the University of Ankara, graduating with distinction.

He participated in masterclasses led by Prof. Mikhail Milman (Russia), Rocco Filippini (Italy) and studied with Prof. Adalbert Skocic in Vienna. (Austria) After working as an assistant of Prof. Ali Dogan at the University of Music in Ankara for a year, he began to teach violoncello in St.Pölten – both at the music school and the BORG. Several of his students are winners of the Prima La Musica Award and also work as professional musicians and music teachers. He has performed with various ensembles and also with members of the Vienna Philharmonic, as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestra member in numerous concerts in Lower Austria, Lyon and Marseille (France), Rome (Italy), Athens (Greece), Sofia (Bulgaria), Istanbul, Ankara, Bodrum (Turkey), Leipzig (Gewandhaus), Salzburg (Mirabell Palace) and Vienna (Konzerthaus). His cello repertoire includes all music styles, from the Baroque to avantgarde music. He is a member of the cathedral orchestra in St. Pölten and performs with various church music groups in the Baroque style. He has played in Vienna with several Viennese ensembles, in the Imperial Court and on New Year’s Eve. As a chamber musician or orchestra member he has been involved in a number of film music and CD productions.

Since 2008 he has been playing the cello in the “trio auturja”, which he cofounded. As a member of the AKM he has written chamber music pieces with oriental character.

Taner Türker lives in Krems / Donau. (Lower Austria)


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